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Flow Meter Calibration by MARINESERVICE.ID

Flow meters are essential instruments used on ships to measure the rate of fluid flow, such as fuel, water, or cargo. Accurate flow measurement are crucial for the safe and efficient operation of various ship system, including fuel consumption monitoring, ballast water management, and cargo loading/unloading. Regular calibration and certification of flow meter are vital to ensure their accuracy and compliance with safety and environmental regulation.

Flow Meter Calibration

Flow meter calibration involves verifying the accuracy of the flow meter's measurements by comparing its readings against a known reference standard. This calibration process is usually performed in a controlled environment, such as a calibration laboratory or an accredited service provider.

During calibration, the flow meter is subjected to a controlled flow of fluid at different flow rates, and its measurements are compared to the known flow rates. Any discrepancies or deviations in the flow meter's readings are corrected through adjustments or repairs to maintain its accuracy.

Certification of Flow Meter

Once the flow meter calibration is successfully completed, the flow meter is certified. Certification is typically conducted by a qualified marine surveyor or an authorized calibration provider.

The certification includes providing documentation that verifies the accuracy and reliability of the flow meter. On ships, flow meters must comply with international maritime regulations, ensuring their accuracy and reliability for critical ship operations.

The certification includes information about the calibration date, next due date for recalibration, and any limitations or restrictions on the use of the flow meter.

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Flow Meter Calibration & Certification MARINESERVICE.ID

MARINE SERVICE ID Indonesian Ship Calibration Service

MARINE SERVICE ID has a Team of Qualified and Professional Engineers who are experienced of Flow Meter Calibration and Certification Service. We also offer Repairs and Troubleshooting of Flow Meter,Annual Marine Instrumentations Calibration Service,Annual Marine Automations Calibration Service and Electronics Navigation Equipments Annual Maintenance Service at Indonesia Ports

Indonesia Marine Service MARINE SERVICE ID also provide Services of Marine Automations Calibration & Certificate,Marine Instruments Control Calibration & Certificate and Electronics Navigation Communication Equipments Annual Maintenance & Certificate, includes  ; 

OWS 15 ppm Oil Water Separator / Bilge Separator Calibration Service

Electrical Measuring Instruments Calibration Service

Gas Sampling System Calibration Service

Pump Room Gas Detection System Calibration Service

Tank Overfill Alarm Calibration Service

Tank Over Pressure Alarm Calibration Service

Oxygen Analyzer Calibration Service

Portable Single Gas Detector Calibration Service

Portable Multi Gas Detector Calibration Service

O2 Oxygen Gas Analyzer Calibration Service

Ullage Temperature Interface / UTI meter / UTI Tapes Calibration Service

Inert Gas Generator / IGG Calibration Service

kalibrasi flow meter marine service id
Flow Meter Calibration Service MARINE SERVICE ID

Available On Board Service at Indonesia Ports 

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Flow Meter Calibration and Certification Service on Ship at Indonesia


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