fire detection system & smoke detector calibration indonesia
Fire Detection System & Smoke Detector Calibration Service MARINESERVICE.ID

Fire Detection System and Smoke Detector are critical safety component on ship, designed to detect fires early and alert the crew to take necessary actions for fire suppression and evacuation. Regular calibration and certification of these system are vital to ensure their accuracy and reliability in protecting the ship and its occupants from fire hazards.

Fire Detection System Calibration

Calibration of the Fire Detection System or Fire Alarm System involves checking the accuracy of the sensor that detect smoke, heat, or flames. This is usually done by exposing the sensors to controlled level of smoke or heat and verifying that they respond correctly. Any sensor that do not meet the required sensitivity level should be adjusted or replaced. The alarm thresholds are set during calibration. These thresholds determine at what point the alarm will activate. They should be set high enough to detect fires early, but not so high that the alarm is triggered unnecessarily. The alarm thresholds can be adjusted by programming them into the system software or by adjusting the setting on the control panel.

Smoke Detector Calibration

Smoke Detector / Smoke Detection System are an essential part of the fire detection system, and their calibration is particularly important. Calibration of smoke detector involves ensuring that they can detect the presence of smoke particles effectively. The calibration process may involve testing the sensitivity of the detector to different type of smoke particle, such as those produced by different types of fires.

fire alarm system & smoke detector calibration indonesia
Fire Detection System Calibration Service MARINESERVICE.ID

Certification of Fire Detection System and Smoke Detector 

Once the calibration process is successfully completed, the fire detection system and smoke detector are certified. This certification is typically carried out by a qualified marine surveyor or inspector. The certification includes providing documentation that verifies the accuracy and reliability of the system and its component. On ship, fire detection system and smoke detector must comply with international maritime regulation, ensuring their accuracy and reliability for critical safety tasks on board. The certification includes information about the calibration date, next due date for recalibration, and any limitation or restriction on the use of the system.

Benefits of Fire Detection System & Smoke Detector Calibration and Certification

Calibration and certification of fire detection system and smoke detector on ship are crucial for several reasons:

Early Fire Detection : Properly calibrated and certified system ensure early detection of fires, allowing the crew to respond promptly and minimize potential damage.

Crew Safety : Accurate and reliable fire detection system protect the safety of the crew by providing timely alert for evacuation or fire suppression action.

Compliance : Ship are required to adhere to international maritime regulation, which mandate regular calibration and certification of safety equipment. A certified fire detection system ensures compliance with these regulations.

Prevention of False Alarm : Calibration helps prevent false alarm, which can lead to complacency among crew member and unnecessary disruption.

Fire Detection System and Smoke Detector calibration and certification are essential for ensuring accurate and reliable fire detection on ship. Regular calibration and certification by qualified professional help maintain the safety and compliance of critical safety systems on board. Properly calibrated and certified fire detection system play a crucial role in safeguarding the ship and its occupants from the danger of fire hazards at sea. 

fire alarm system / fire detection system calibration indonesia
Fire Alarm System & Smoke Detector Calibration Service MARINESERVICE.ID

MARINE SERVICE ID Indonesia Marine Calibration Services

MARINE SERVICE ID has a Team of Qualified and Professional Engineers who are experienced of Fire Alarm System and Smoke Detector Calibration and Certification Service. We also offer Repairs and Troubleshooting of Fire Detection System & Smoke Detection System,Annual Marine Instrumentations Calibration Service,Annual Marine Automations Calibration Service and Electronics Navigation Equipments Annual Maintenance Service at Indonesia Ports

Indonesia Marine Service MARINE SERVICE ID also provide Services of Marine Automations Calibration & Certificate,Marine Instruments Control Calibration & Certificate and Electronics Navigation Communication Equipments Annual Maintenance & Certificate, includes  ; 

WBT Water Ballast Tank Level System Calibration

Fuel Oil Tank Alarm Control Calibration

Ballast tank level gauging / gas monitoring system Calibration

Pressure & Temperature gauges calibration

Bilge Separator 15ppm Calibration

UTI Measuring Tape Calibration

IGS Inert Gas System alarm & Control Calibration

IGG Inert Gas Generator Control Calibration

Available On Board Service at Indonesia Ports 

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Fire Detection System and Smoke Detector Calibration and Certification Service on Ship at Indonesia


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